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US-8343695-B2: Method for fracturing and forming a pattern using curvilinear characters with charged particle beam lithography patent, US-6898779-B2: Pattern generation on a semiconductor surface patent, US-7858096-B2: Mutant forms of meningococcal ADP-ribosylating toxin patent, US-7453089-B2: Light-emitting device and display device patent, US-7600285-B2: Oral care implement and method of decorating patent, US-7650745-B2: Method to reduce engine emissions for an engine capable of multi-stroke operation and having a catalyst patent, US-7622732-B1: Heterostructure nanotube devices patent, US-7635097-B2: Automated cleansing sprayer having separate cleanser and air vent paths from bottle patent, US-6900107-B2: Devices containing platinum-iridium films and methods of preparing such films and devices patent, US-8445776-B2: Solar cell module having a low haze encapsulant layer patent, US-8060755-B2: Apparatus and method for providing user-generated key schedule in a microprocessor cryptographic engine patent, US-6929771-B1: Method of decorating a molded article patent, US-7572632-B2: Dry powder cells and cell culture reagents and methods of production thereof patent, US-7198751-B2: Disposable, integrated, extracorporeal blood circuit patent, US-8424137-B1: Ribbed gel patent, US-7901399-B2: Interchangeable surgical instrument patent, US-7105515-B2: Derivatives of sulphonamides, their preparation and use as medicaments patent, US-8564298-B2: Non-intrusive energy harvesting systems and methods patent, US-7312700-B2: GPS enabled cell phone with common interest alerts patent, US-7416052-B2: Exhaust system of internal combustion engine patent, US-7659009-B2: Thermally crosslinkable materials and multi-layered devices therefrom patent, US-8314304-B2: Inbred pepper line PPL0789 patent, US-6812398-B2: Separable solar energy storage device patent, US-7497006-B2: Method for releasably mounting a head slider to a disk drive head suspension patent, US-7058370-B2: Transmission power amplifier unit patent, US-8128305-B2: Device and method for aligning and securing a ring binder mechanism patent, US-8349126-B2: Apparatus for etching edge of wafer patent, US-6996902-B2: Method for manufacturing a circuit board patent, US-7070879-B2: Fuel cell or electrodes with passive support patent, US-8482497-B2: Switch matrix and display matrix of display device patent, US-6871021-B2: Optical switch with connection verification patent, US-8428424-B2: Apparatus and method for testing signal channels of digital video recorder patent, US-8483640-B2: Television broadcast receiving apparatus, control method and control program for television broadcast receiving apparatus, and recording medium having the control program recorded thereon patent, US-6988537-B2: Cooling unit having a plurality of heat-radiating fins, and electronic apparatus with the cooling unit patent, US-7204015-B2: Electric heating cloth method patent, US-7472239-B2: Storage system and data management method patent, US-7583937-B2: Digital interface and related event manager for integrated circuits patent, US-7931034-B2: Spray arm bearing and dishwasher with a spray arm arrangement patent, US-8028895-B2: Electronic money charger patent, US-8266064-B1: Purchases for another involving digital content items patent, US-6849582-B2: Method of oil/gas well stimulation patent, US-7262464-B2: Semiconductor device with single crystal semiconductor layer(s) bonded to insulating surface of substrate patent, US-7879383-B2: Rosemary herbal beverage powder and process patent, US-7354476-B2: Inkjet ink composition patent, US-8217872-B2: Active matrix substrate, and liquid crystal display device patent, US-8226064-B2: Pivot connecting structure patent, US-7575613-B2: Method and apparatus for producing methane from carbonaceous material patent, US-8580529-B2: Diagnosis of collagen IX destruction patent, US-7863099-B2: Integrated circuit package system with overhanging connection stack patent, US-8334162-B2: System and method for tracking and removing coating from an edge of a substrate patent, US-7347845-B2: Disposable absorbent article having tension indicators patent, US-6957278-B1: Reference -switch hysteresis for comparator applications patent, US-7838015-B2: Adjuvanted meningococcus compositions patent, US-7007043-B2: Storage backup system that creates mountable representations of past contents of storage volumes patent, US-7473608-B2: N-channel MOSFETs comprising dual stressors, and methods for forming the same patent, US-8132495-B2: Multilayer armor system for defending against missile-borne and stationary shaped charges patent, US-8332952-B2: Time window based canary solutions for browser security patent, US-7096770-B2: Optical recording medium-manufacturing apparatus patent, US-6831142-B2: Pulverulent, crosslinked polymers which absorb aqueous liquids and blood patent, US-7311879-B2: Syringe pump patent, US-7354936-B2: 2-phenylpyran-4-one derivatives patent, US-7378967-B2: RFID tag sensitivity patent, US-7553350-B2: High-strength and highly-wear-resistant sintered diamond object and manufacturing method of the same patent, US-8571418-B2: High resolution optical waveform shaping device having phase shift compensation associated with optical intensity modulation patent, US-6859803-B2: Apparatus and method for program selection utilizing exclusive and inclusive metadata searches patent, US-8078669-B2: Media extension apparatus and methods for use in an information network patent, US-8083927-B2: Analyte sensors and methods of use patent, US-6878986-B2: Embedded flash memory cell having improved programming and erasing efficiency patent, US-6924118-B2: Recombinant intracellular pathogen immunogenic compositions and methods for use patent, US-7564699-B2: Planar circuit housing patent, US-8062284-B2: Catheter assembly with an adjustable loop patent, US-7211408-B2: Recombitope peptides patent, US-8197331-B2: Gaming system having graphical indicators of community bonus awards patent, US-8473389-B2: Methods and systems of purchase contract price adjustment calculation tools patent, US-8380424-B2: Vehicle-based automatic traffic conflict and collision avoidance patent, US-7895661-B2: Method and system for secure network-based distribution of content patent, US-7094763-B2: Substituted fused heterocyclic C-glycosides patent, US-8318651-B2: Biheteroaryl metal complexes as bleach catalysts patent, US-7483955-B2: Object oriented based, business class methodology for generating quasi-static web pages at periodic intervals patent, US-8070811-B2: Facet arthroplasty devices and methods patent, US-7913278-B2: Interactive television program guide with remote access patent, US-723181-A: Brick-cutting machine. patent, US-766191-A: Motor-vehicle. patent, US-8545747-B2: Method of forming a part with a feature having a die-locked geometry patent, US-7075685-B2: Scanning device that is cooperated with projector patent, US-7091537-B2: Ferroelectric memory device and method of manufacturing the same patent, US-7218718-B2: Method to perform a telecommunication with dialing destination preview patent, US-7230940-B2: Wireless communication system patent, US-6873849-B2: Method and apparatus for solving number portability in origin patent, US-7874754-B1: Drip containing container with tear-away wiper element patent, US-7510974-B2: CMP process patent, US-8309777-B2: Sulfur tolerant noble metal containing aromatics hydrogenation catalyst and a method of making and using such catalyst patent, US-8502651-B2: Interactive touch screen gaming metaphors with haptic feedback patent, US-7225899-B2: Stair lift device patent, US-8084694-B2: Electrical contact device patent, US-7040330-B2: Method and apparatus for megasonic cleaning of patterned substrates patent, US-7691478-B2: Thin films patent, US-7323516-B2: Peroxide curable butyl formulations for rubber articles patent, US-7569121-B2: Process for producing synthetic oil from solid hydrocarbon resources patent, US-7028150-B2: Arrangement of data within cache lines so that tags are first data received patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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