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US-5097206-A: Built-in test circuit for static CMOS circuits patent, US-5098992-A: Method to recover high molecular weight poly(arylene sulfide) by reprecipitation patent, US-5115043-A: Process for functionalizing polyphenylene ether with substituted chlorotriazine patent, US-5118859-A: Preparation and purification of 2-hydroxy-4-(2'-hydroxyethoxy)phenyl aryl ketones patent, US-5142552-A: Method and apparatus for analog D.C. offset cancellation patent, US-5186412-A: Spool braking force switching device for fishing reel patent, US-5198657-A: Integrated imaging and ranging lidar receiver patent, US-5261756-A: Hula hoop connector patent, US-5282202-A: Composite frame reconfiguration in integrated services networks patent, US-5304106-A: Exercise apparatus having reciprocating platforms movable between a parallel position and an opposed position patent, US-5395566-A: Photochromic composition patent, US-5420389-A: Bearing mounts for electric-resistance can welders patent, US-5428581-A: Method for compensating for the movement of the antenna for a sonar patent, US-5441718-A: Process for making inorganic gels patent, US-5458069-A: Plastic skid and method of manufacture patent, US-5498655-A: Aqueous polymer dispersion patent, US-5583833-A: Method and apparatus for setting a clock in a computer system patent, US-5650951-A: Programmable data acquisition system with a microprocessor for correcting magnitude and phase of quantized signals while providing a substantially linear phase response patent, US-5685836-A: Continuous curve yankauer patent, US-5793716-A: Date conversions with a 360-day-year calendar patent, US-5823589-A: Accessory for charcoal grill patent, US-5873134-A: Swimming goggles with improved impermeability between protective pads and lenses patent, US-5878740-A: Noise reducing device for combustion driven heating apparatus patent, US-6005863-A: Frame switch with serial data processing patent, US-6101103-A: Self-oscillation type switching power supply patent, US-6182521-B1: Device for positioning a measuring probe patent, US-6203375-B1: Metal shield and cable arrangement for an electric connector patent, US-6226780-B1: Circuit design method and apparatus supporting a plurality of hardware design languages patent, US-6257424-B1: Hanging system for wet bathing suits patent, US-6296245-B1: Device for the picking and feeding of sheets from a ream patent, US-6344534-B2: Functional polyester polymer and production process thereof patent, US-6400605-B1: Method and system for pulse shaping in test and program modes patent, US-6407840-B1: Power-saving infrared-detecting receiving system patent, US-6462805-B1: Reverse-mode direct-view display employing a liquid crystal having a characteristic wavelength in the non-visible spectrum patent, US-6491340-B2: Sunroof apparatus for a vehicle patent, US-6543900-B2: Projection apparatus patent, US-6553193-B1: Image forming apparatus and image forming method with punching mode patent, US-6567626-B2: Image forming apparatus patent, US-6621756-B2: Compact integrated circuit with memory array patent, US-6624395-B2: Switch control device and method, and heating cooker having the control device patent, US-6781481-B2: Methods and apparatus for filtering electromagnetic interference from a signal in an input/output port patent, US-6781732-B2: Electromagnetically actuated micromirror actuator and fabrication method thereof patent, US-3896322-A: Spark plug operable with a floating arc patent, US-3912181-A: Method and apparatus for wrapping a bevel pipe core patent, US-3960130-A: Start air control system patent, US-3987323-A: Electric motor with resiliently mounted rotor patent, US-4018882-A: Manufacture of gamma-iron (III) oxide patent, US-4033686-A: Micro-image records patent, US-4041870-A: Circuit arrangement for supplying clock pulses to a projectile fuze patent, US-4042274-A: Collapsible frame for carriages patent, US-4047363-A: Packaging apparatus patent, US-4083612-A: Non-rotating stabilizer for earth boring and bearing therefor patent, US-4098514-A: Stratified charge engine valve seal patent, US-4120566-A: Rearview apparatus for vehicles patent, US-4139356-A: Refrigerating apparatus patent, US-4164897-A: Control schedule linearization system patent, US-4165590-A: Industrial building structure and method of erection patent, US-4187973-A: Desoldering system for use with a soldering instrument patent, US-4231233-A: Rigid non-sliding homokinetic universal joint patent, US-4266712-A: Method of making a sulfur electrode container patent, US-4267328-A: 1-Phenylpiperazines patent, US-4313089-A: Precision quadrature analog phase detector patent, US-4346796-A: Drive mechanism with clutch and brake assemblies patent, US-4347116-A: Two-stage coal liquefaction patent, US-4350018-A: Gas recovery system patent, US-4350225-A: Elevator control system patent, US-4394965-A: Pulsating shower using a swirl chamber patent, US-4411310-A: Heat exchange apparatus having thin film flexible sheets patent, US-4422356-A: Cutting tool bit holder patent, US-4484615-A: Electro-magnetic stirring patent, US-4510861-A: Continuous roll baling machine patent, US-4512425-A: Up-drill sub for use in rotary drilling patent, US-4538007-A: Process for the simultaneous recovery of 4-hydroxy-diphenyl and 4,4'-dihydroxydiphenyl patent, US-4618910-A: Electrical circuit interrupter for dry metallized film capacitors patent, US-4621885-A: Ribbon cable connector with improved cover latch patent, US-4626715-A: MOS FET amplifier output stage patent, US-4666174-A: Wide powerful range bicycle patent, US-4671697-A: Apparatus for mounting electrical appliance on frame patent, US-4672125-A: Chlorination of β-methylpyridine compounds patent, US-4742191-A: Keyboard proximity switch patent, US-4766872-A: Canister for capturing evaporated fuel patent, US-4783066-A: Photographic film stacking device patent, US-4824410-A: Joint for toy figures, especially stuffed bears patent, US-4854435-A: Double-notched sprag outer retainer patent, US-4894842-A: Precorrelation digital spread spectrum receiver patent, US-4930514-A: Ultrasonic imaging apparatus patent, US-4933673-A: Encoder patent, US-4963467-A: Silver halide photographic emulsion patent, US-4967922-A: Containers and caps therefor patent, US-4998629-A: Display and storage rack patent, US-5024235-A: Electroencephalic neurofeedback apparatus and method for bioelectrical frequency inhibition and facilitation patent, US-5061228-A: Continuously variable transmission patent, US-5072844-A: Reservoir cap patent, US-5089362-A: Metallic toner fluid composition patent, US-5103312-A: Time variable dispersive filter for minimizing ghost interference patent, US-5108143-A: Sun visor and process for manufacturing the same patent, US-5137092-A: Horseshoe patent, US-5168612-A: Needle eliminator patent, US-5170367-A: Nondestructive determination of phase fractions of composite materials patent, US-5180758-A: Process for preparing 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