Procédé et dispositif pour l'usinage par vibrations à deux axes indépendants

Method and apparatus for vibration machining with two independent axes

Verfahren und Vorrichtung zur Bearbeitung durch Schwingungen mit zwei unabhängigen Achsen


A vibration machining apparatus (100) and method of use. The vibration machining apparatus (100) includes a cutting tool (140) and a motion stage (160) coupled to one of the cutting tool (140) or the workpiece (130) to move the cutting tool(140) relative to the workpiece (130). A tangent to a machine path and a normal to the surface of the workpiece (130) define a vibration plane. The vibration machining apparatus (100) further includes a first vibrating unit (110) coupled to one of the cutting tool (140) or the workpiece (130) to vibrate it along a first vibrational direction, substantially in the vibration plane, and a second vibrating unit (120) coupled with one of the cutting tool (140) or the workpiece (130) to vibrate the one of the cutting tool (140) or the workpiece (130) coupled to the second vibrating unit (120) along a second vibrational direction, different from the first direction and substantially in the vibration plane.




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