Storage medium having game program stored therin, and game apparatus and game processing method therefor

Support d'enregistrement stockant un programme de jeu, et appareil de jeu et son procédé de traitement du jeu correspondant

Speichermedium mit darauf gespeichertem Spielprogramm, Spielgerät und Spielverarbeitungsverfahren dafür


An area, in a virtual game world, for arranging a plurality of obj ects and a minimum allowed distance between obj ects to be arranged therein are set. A position of an object is changed for temporarily arranging the object to an arbitrary position in the area set in the virtual game world until arrangement of the object is finalized, and the distance between the temporarily arranged object and an object whose arrangement in the area is completed is calculated. When the calculated distance is equal to or greater than the minimum allowed distance, arrangement of the temporarily arranged object is finalized and a plurality of objects whose arrangement is finalized are displayed on a display screen.




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