Composition vulcanisable d'élastomère contenant du fluor

Vulcanizable fluorine-containing elastomer composition

Vulkanisierbare fluorhaltige Elastomer-Zusammensetzung


A vulcanizable fluorine-containing elastomer composition having excellent stability in molding and kneading property, from which a vulcanized article having a small compression set can be produced in a short period of time. The vulcanizable fluorine-containing elastomer composition comprises a vulcanization agent, a vulcanization aid and a fluorine-containing elastomer having C-H bond in its polymer chain, and an optimum vulcanization time T 90 (min) of the composition and a compression set CS (%) of the vulcanized article satisfy the following equations (I) and (II): Equation (I): in case of 50,000 ≤ MW ≤ 200,000, Equation (II): in case of 200,000 < MW,




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