Connecteur et gabarit de déblocage de celui-ci

Steckverbinder und Entsperrvorrichtung dafür

A connector and an unlocking jig therefor


A connector is provided in which one or more cavities (21) into which one or more corresponding terminal fittings (10) are at least partly insertable are provided in a connector housing (20) and one or more locking portions (28) are provided on inner side surfaces of the cavities (21) for resiliently locking the inserted terminal fittings (10), wherein the locking portions (28) are supported at the opposite ends thereof. One or more insertion grooves (24) are formed in the inner surfaces of the cavities (21) where the locking portions (28) are provided so that stabilizers (16) projecting from the terminal fittings (10) are at least partly insertable thereinto, wherein the locking portions (28) and the insertion grooves (24) are spaced apart from each other along a terminal insertion direction (ID) and overlap with respect to a direction at an angle different from 0° or 180°, preferable substantially normal to the terminal insertion direction (ID).




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