Ancre de ligne et procédé d'ancrage d'une ligne

Leitungsanker und Verfahren zur Verankerung einer Leitung

A line anchor and a method for anchoring a line


An anchor for securing a line is provided that has an elongated housing (12) with a longitudinal axis, a first end, and a second end. The housing houses an attachment member (16) for securing the anchor to a surface and the attachment member is configured to protrude from the housing and to retract substantially entirely within the housing. An actuation member (14) is received by the housing and has a protruding. The actuation member is operably connected to the attachment member and biased in a direction toward the second end of the housing. The actuation member (14) is further configured to slide axially within the housing and rotate about the longitudinal axis to selectively move the attachment member such that it protrudes from the first end of the housing at any one of a plurality of predetermined distances.




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