Dispositif de détection de liquide, récipient de liquide l'utilisant, et procédé de production du dispositif de détection de liquide

Liquid detection device, liquid container using the same, and method of producing liquid detection device

Vorrichtung zur Erkennung von Flüssigkeit, Flüssigkeitsbehälter damit und Verfahren zur Herstellung der Vorrichtung zur Erkennung von Flüssigkeit


A liquid detection device (200) includes a casing main body (102) in which a passage (134) is formed and exposed in an opening (130), a sensor base (210) that is disposed to face the passage of the casing main body, a sensor chip (220) provided on the sensor base, a film (202) that seals the opening in which the sensor base is held, and a partition wall (136) that divides the passage into an upstream side (134a) and a downstream side (134b). The sensor chip has a sensor cavity (222), and the sensor base has a first hole (212) that guides a liquid from the upstream side (134a) to the sensor cavity, and a second hole (214) that guides the liquid from the sensor cavity to the downstream side (134b). The sensor base can come into contact with the casing main body through only the partition wall in a depth direction of the opening.




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