Fuel feed apparatus


Appareil d'alimentation en carburant


A feed pump (70) pumps fuel from a fuel tank (30). A filter portion (80) includes a filter element (81) for removing foreign matter contained in the fuel discharged from the feed pump (70). A high-pressure pump (61) pumps the filtered fuel to the internal combustion engine (20). A return passage (85, 86) is connected with a passage between the filter element (81) and the high-pressure pump (61) for partially returning the filtered fuel to the fuel tank (30). A priming pump portion (90) has an inlet port (92), which is connected with the return passage (85, 86), and an outlet port (93), which is connected with the filter element (81). The priming pump portion (90) draws fuel from the fuel tank (30) to supply the fuel to the filter element (81) when being operated.




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