Dispositif électro-optique, procédé de commande de celui-ci, et appareil électronique

Electro-optical device, method of driving electro-optical device, and electronic apparatus

Elektrooptische Vorrichtung, Verfahren zur Ansteuerung einer elektrooptischen Vorrichtung und elektronische Vorrichtung


An electro-optical device comprising a plurality of unit circuits that are disposed in correspondence with intersections of a plurality of scanning lines and a plurality of data lines, a scanning line driving circuit that sequentially selects the plurality of scanning lines; one scanning line being selected for a drive period of one unit period, and a data line driving circuit that outputs data electric potentials to the plurality of data lines for each write period of the one unit period, the data electric potentials corresponding to gray scale data of the plurality of unit circuits that are in correspondence with one scanning line selected for the drive period of the one unit period and the write period being a period before the drive period starts, each of the plurality of unit circuits having an electro-optical element that has a gray scale level corresponding to the data electric potential, a capacitor element that has a first electrode connected to a capacitor line and a second electrode connected to the data line, and a switching element that is disposed between the second electrode and the electro-optical element and is in a conductive state at a time when the one of scanning line is selected by the scanning line driving circuit for making the second electrode and the electro-optical element to be conductive to each other.




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