Procédé de confirmation de déploiement de bride automatique de prothèse vocale

Verfahren zur Bestätigung der selbsttätigen Entfaltung eines Flansches einer Sprachprothese

Voice prosthesis automatic flange deployment confirmation method


A gel cap (22) is loaded on a folded flange (24) of a voice prosthesis (26) which is loaded on an end portion of an inserter (74), wherein a tip (78) of the end portion (80) is pressed against a valve flap (31) of the voice prosthesis (26). The voice prosthesis (26) includes a strap (32) that is stretched for engagement with an attachment portion (79) on the inserter (74). The voice prosthesis (26), gel cap (22), and inserter (74) are inserted into the tracheoesophageal puncture. The patient then swallows fluids to cause the gel cap (22) to dissolve to allow the esophageal flange (24) to deploy, whereby upon deployment of the esophageal flange (24), the tip (78) of the end portion (80) of the inserter presses (74) the valve flap (31) open, allowing the inserter (74) to move axially relative to the voice prosthesis (26) until a stop collar (77) of the inserter (74) engages the voice prosthesis (26) providing external visual confirmation to the user that the gel cap (22) has dissolved and the esophageal flange (24) has deployed.




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