Solar cell module and manufacturing method of solar cell module

Solarzellenmodul und Herstellungsverfahren für ein Solarzellenmodul

Module de pile solaire et son procédé de fabrication


A manufacturing method of a solar cell module includes a rear-surface-side protection member having a metal layer sandwiched between a plurality of resin layers, the method comprising the steps of: forming a pair of first slits and a second slit in the rear-surface-side protection member to form a pair of movable portions on both sides of the second slit, the second slit extending between and communicating with the pair of the first slits; opening each of the pair of movable portions; performing an insulating treatment on at least a part of the metal layer exposed to the surface of each of the pair of movable portions; and sealing a solar cell between a light-receiving-surface-side protection member and the rear-surface-side protection member, wherein one end portion of an output lead is drawn out from between the pair of movable portions, the output lead being configured to draw electric power from the solar cell.




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