Attribution d'espace dans un disjoncteur

Platzzuweisung in einem Schutzschalter

Space allocation within a circuit breaker


A single pole module (110) of a circuit breaker (100) is disclosed. The module (110) includes a first portion (200) and a second portion (300), and an interior wall (111) separating the first portion (200) from the second portion (300). The first portion (200) includes a first section (103) receiving a circuit board (201) and a second section (105) receiving a lever mechanism (207). The second portion (300) includes a first section (106) receiving an electromagnetic protection device (306), a second section (107) receiving an arc extinguishing device (307), a third section (108) receiving a thermal protection device (308), and a fourth section (109) receiving an operating mechanism (302). The first and second sections (103, 105) of the first portion (200) occupy substantially half of the module (110) and the first, second, third and fourth sections (106, 107, 108, 109) of the second portion (300) occupy substantially half of the module (110) and the second section (105) of the first portion (200) and the third and fourth sections (108, 109) of the second portion (300) are disposed opposite each other.




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