Self-ballasted lamp and lighting equipment

Lampe mit Vorschaltgerät und Beleuchtungsgerät

Lampe à lumière mixte et équipement d'éclairage


A base body (12) having a base body portion (21) and a plurality of heat radiating fins (22) disposed on the circumference of the base body portion is provided. On one end side of the base body, a light-emitting module (13) having semiconductor light-emitting elements (43), and a globe (16) that covers the light-emitting module are provided. A cap (15) is provided on the other end side of the base body. A lighting circuit (17) is housed between the base body and the cap. The lamp total length from the globe (16) to the cap (15) is 70 to 120 mm, and the area of a surface of the base body (12) which is exposed to the outside per 1W of power charged to the light-emitting module is 20.5 to 24.4 cm 2 /W.




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