Chirurgische Klammervorrichtung zur Durchführung einer kreisförmigen Anastomose sowie chirurgische Klammern zur Verwendung damit

Surgical stapling device for performing circular anastomosis and surgical staples for use therewith

Dispositif d'agrafage chirurgical pour réaliser des anastomoses circulaires et agrafes chirurgicales pour une utilisation avec ledit dispositif


The present disclosure relates to an anvil assembly, an end effector and/or a surgical stapler suitable for performing curved or circular anastomosis and/or treatment to internal walls of hollow tissue organs wherein the anvil assembly includes an anvil center rod having a proximal end and a distal end, the center rod defining a central longitudinal axis; and an anvil head secured to the distal end of the anvil center rod. The anvil head includes an anvil plate defining a tissue contact surface; and a plurality of staple forming pockets formed in the tissue contact surface of the anvil plate, wherein each of the plurality of staple pockets defines an arcuate longitudinal axis.




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