Particulate detection system

Système de détection particulaire



A particulate detection system (1, 2, 3) detects the quantity of particulates S contained in exhaust gas EG discharged from an internal combustion engine ENG and flowing through an exhaust pipe EP. The system (1, 2, 3) includes a detection section (10) attached to the exhaust pipe EP; and a drive processing circuit (201) electrically connected to the detection section (10), driving the detection section (10), and detecting and processing a signal Is from the detection section 10. The drive processing circuit (201) includes drive start delay means (S2, S3, S11, S 12, S 13, S22, S23) for delaying start of the drive of the detection section (10) until a start condition determined by the drive processing circuit (201) is satisfied after startup of the internal combustion engine ENG.




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