Structure de montage de moteur à turbine à gaz avec trajet de charge secondaire

Gas turbine engine mounting structure with secondary load path

Gasturbinentreibwerkmontagestruktur mit sekundärem Lastpfad


A connection for mounting an aircraft engine (20) to an aircraft pylon (62) has a plate (102) to be bolted to a portion (60) of an aircraft engine (20), and a body (104) extending rearwardly from the plate (102). The body (104) has a main pivot attachment (106) to a balance beam (108), which has thrust links (110) pivotally attached to the balance beam (108). A back-up connection (112) is included between the balance beam (108) and the body (104) such that the back-up connection (112) allows normal pivoting movement of the balance beam (108) relative to the body (104) without contact at the back-up connection (112).




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