Dienstqualitätsbewusstes Abgleichen in Datenzentren

QoS aware balancing in data centers

Équilibrage compatible QoS dans des centres de données


System for balancing loads between two physical resources. During operation, for each physical resource, the system establishes resource-usage models for a plurality of jobs that share the physical resource, identifies quality-of-service (QoS) levels associated with the jobs, and computes a QoS balance point for the physical resource based on the resource-usage models and the QoS ratings. The QoS balance point indicates a rating of QoS, above which substantial resource provisioning is required. In response to detecting a difference between a first QoS balance point associated with a first physical resource and a second QoS balance point associated with a second physical resource, the system identifies one or more jobs to be moved between the first and second physical resources such that the difference between the first and the second QoS balance points is reduced.




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