Halbleitervorrichtung und Spannungsmessvorrichtung

Dispositif semi-conducteur et dispositif de mesure de tension

Semiconductor device and voltage measuring device


In an assembled battery including plural cells series-coupled in multiple stages, each voltage measuring unit includes an analog front end unit which measures the voltages of cells, an interface unit for interfacing with a common bus, a voltage measurement control unit which controls the analog front end unit and the interface unit, and an insulating element which allows communication between the voltage measurement control unit and the interface unit in a state of being insulated from each other. The interface unit of each voltage measuring unit is electrically insulated, so that it can be coupled to a low-voltage power supply system of the electrical system that includes the battery system control unit. Since there is no potential difference between the interface unit and the battery system control unit, they can be coupled to each other via the common bus.




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