Corps tubulaire, port reflex de basse et appareil acoustique

Röhrenförmiger Körper, Bassreflexanschluss und akustische Vorrichtung

Tubular body, bass reflex port, and acoustic apparatus


A tubular body (20) having an air flow passage, wherein an area of a cross section, in a direction perpendicular to a tube axis, of a space enclosed with an inner wall of the tubular body increases toward an open end (28) thereof, wherein a curvature of the inner wall at an end portion (24) of the tubular body near the open end is repeatedly increased and decreased along a circumferential direction of the inner wall, and wherein, when the inner wall in a cross section of the end portion in the direction perpendicular to the tube axis is viewed from the tube axis, a convex portion at which the inner wall protrudes in a direction away from the tube axis and a concave portion at which the inner wall is recessed in a direction toward the tube axis are repeatedly formed along the circumferential direction.




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