Waferplatte für die Immersionslithografie

Table support de tranches pour lithographie en immersion

Wafer table for immersion lithography


Methods and apparatus for allowing a liquid to be substantially contained between a lens (46) and a wafer table (51) assembly of an immersion lithography system are disclosed. According to one aspect of the present invention, an exposure apparatus includes a lens (46) and a wafer table (51) assembly. The wafer table (51) assembly has a top surface, and is arranged to support a wafer (64) to be moved with respect to the lens (46) as well as at least one component (350). The top surface of the wafer (64) and the top surface of the component (350) are each at substantially a same height as the top of the wafer table (51) assembly. An overall top surface of the wafer table (51) assembly which includes the top surface of the wafer (64), the top surface of the wafer table (51) assembly, and the top surface of the at least one component (350) is substantially planar.




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