Dispositif avec une caméra avant ayant des positions de foyer distinctes

A device with a front facing camera having discrete focus positions

Vorrichtung mit einer frontkamera mit diskreten fokuspositionen


A device with a front facing camera having two discrete focus positions is provided. The device comprises: a chassis comprising a front side; a display and a camera each at least partially located on the front side; the camera adjacent the display, the camera facing in a same direction as the display, the camera configured to: acquire video in a video mode; acquire an image in a camera mode; and, discretely step between a first and second focus position, the first position comprising a depth of field ("DOF") at a hyperfocal distance and the second position comprising a DOF in a range of about 20 cm to about 1 metre; and, a processor configured to: when the camera is in the camera mode, automatically control the camera to the first position; and, when the camera is in the video mode, automatically control the camera to the second position.




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